Our philosophy

At ARC, we have three primary objectives: innovative ideas, positive community impact, and data-driven design.

We understand every project is unique in design, circumstances, and budget. As architects, we love a challenge and problem solving. We believe everybody deserves to have a quality experience at all stages of the design process and after project completion. This is why hiring an architect that understands the unique constraints of your project is key. We believe we are that firm, the one who can come up with innovative solutions for your needs to leave you with the best results possible.

Here at ARC, we believe each community has a duty to improve the quality of life of it’s people. That starts with local businesses like ours. We strive to keep our business operations local, hire local consultants, and support local businesses in as many ways as possible. Everything we do should have a positive impact on those who are left with the results: you and your community.

We also believe that you can’t break the rules until you know what they are. That’s why research and collecting data are very important steps in our process. We want to know who is going to be using our design, what it will be used for, how it will affect future projects, what kind of environmental issues we are dealing with, and so on. We will ask you lots of questions, and find out even more, because you can’t make the best decision without all the facts.

Keeping these three key ideas in mind keeps us focused on what’s important. In order to achieve these goals, we work hard to keep you involved in the process. Architects often seem mysterious, but we aim to remove those barriers. People are more connected now than ever, and demand honesty and integrity in the products and services they receive. We recognize that, and promise to be as transparent as possible in our process.


Firm Culture

Collaboration is key in our firm. We are small, but we are masterful multi-taskers, thanks to the systems we have in place. As you’ve read, transparency is important to us, which is why we implement strategies like our Monday Morning Meetings to set us on track for the week. Everybody has a voice in decisions for the firm, from large to small. We encourage questions, critical thinking and learning. It’s important that our employees feel valued and supported. We love when our kids and pets spend time at our office, and we encourage employees to pursue their hobbies and passions. Work-life balance is critical to keeping sane in a sometimes stressful job. Check out our people to learn more about them.